Sunday, April 05, 2009


Word is Breezy plans to enter a not guilty plea....which may just end up being a formality given that the nearing a plea bargain.

Sources say Rihanna has made it clear she does not want to tesitfy in the case and wants Brown to cop a plea.

As we first reported, Brown was inclined to plead either guilty or no contest to a misdeamor, provided he got no jail time.

In the meantime, Rihanna was spotted this weekend with Prime Minister of Barbados ... supposedly she wants to "be as far away from [the Chris Brown] case as possible."

GV Says: Alright now easy on this partying.

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Lyn said...

Who is the White guy in the photo with Rihana and why does he have his arm around her? I hope he washed it afterwards. Is he her pimp?

Anyway beating a black female should not be considered a crime. Maybe Chris Brown can use that argument in court.