Monday, April 06, 2009


T-Boz did an interview recently with BlackVoices and didn't hold back.

When you hear stories about what’s going on with Destiny’s Child and Kelly Rowland having to fire Matthew Knowles to finally get attention, what are your thoughts?

They get mad when I say this, but I don’t give a damn. It was all about Beyonce anyway. She was my favorite, too, but come on. Her parents are over everything. Who do you think they were going for? It’s always Beyonce. It was supposed to be exactly the way it is now, Bey is on top. I love Beyonce, and I am a fan of hers. She was my favorite in the group even before they were Destiny’s Child and they were the Baby Dolls. She was so cute and pretty. I like all of them, and I wish Kelly the best. When you’re in a girl group, you have differences, and you have to learn how to respectfully agree to disagree. There are a lot of things that happen behind the scenes that people don’t know about. Some girl groups have girls trying to steal other girls’ boyfriends and that’s the ultimate no-no. You have situations like the Kelly thing and Beyonce’s parents. You can say that I’m out for everybody, but if Lisa was to bring somebody in that’s her boyfriend, then I’m gonna feel like you got Lisa’s back more than mine, and that’s gonna be a no-no. I just think that brings a conflict of interest in the beginning. That would have been a hard group for me to be in, because I would have been like your mommy and daddy are running things and they’re gonna have you at heart the most. That’s just how I feel.

What was your interaction with Brian McKnight like?

Brian is a spoiled little brat for real. I like him though, but he’s an a–hole. He has so much talent and he was very nice to me, but he was really trippin’. I asked him if he was gonna talk, and he said that he would talk a little bit. But when we’re off set and in the hallway, it’s okay to say hi.

GV Says: That was real talk on Destiny's Child.

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Anonymous said...

If the situation was between Kelly Rowland and Beyonce then yes T-boz can voice her opinion about the issue.Because the issue was about Kelly and Beyonce father T-boz shouldn't have said anything because that talking about someone father.So if Beyonce see T-boz somewhere she might bring up the issue.Mr.Knowles just didn't make it all about Beyonce he took care of Kelly like she was his own daughter.Kelly was raised by the Knowles family.So T-boz need too say sorry.