Wednesday, April 01, 2009


Lil earned a standing ovation and the first 10 of this season's DWTS.

GV Says: Go Kim!!!!


Valsadie said...

I know a little bit about ballroom dancing and seriously THAT is what it's supposed to look like! Kim has been seriously digging deep and really finding herself in all this.

Secrets said...

I really like this new and improved Kim.

She really did her thing.

Anonymous said...

she still looks like a monster to me. and to valsadie i don't think kim has the capacity to ever "find herself".. that girl is so lost at life.. she is the type of woman that gives us african american females a negative perception.. from her self-hatred to her lack of education. White America cheers her on because of this, but if she was being her real self they wouldn't.