Wednesday, April 08, 2009


VIBE has decided to put Chrihanna on the cover for its May tabloid issue.

For their "investigative" piece they've decided to pull an old 2007 article.

"I promised myself, I’m not go­nna be that dude. I’m never gonna be that person that takes the argument that far," he said during an interview w/ a VIBE reporter.

VIBE: What are your demons?

CHRIS BROWN: My mom had a boyfriend that was abusive domestically so watching that as a kid, it used to haunt me. Not haunt—but eat at me. I used to want to really hurt the dude.

Why do you think she stayed with him?

Probably ’cause she loved him. I hated him. That was my demons I was fighting. That’s why in relationships I vow not to be that person because seeing that as a kid, you inherit what you see, so I promised myself, I’m not gonna be that dude. I’m never gonna be that person that takes the argument that far. I wouldn’t wanna put a female or child in that position, being that terrified.

Do people think you’re dating Rihanna?

Yeah, they think we dating. I don’t know why. Rihanna’s real cool; Rihanna’s a good girl, like, friend. Not a girlfriend.

How do you know her?

Both of us came out at the same time. We were on the same radio shows, so I’d see her all the time. I’m cool with her friends, she’s cool with all my dancers. Like, we just hang out. We all chill. She’s a good person, a sweet person, but me and her are just cool.

You don’t think she’s fly?

She’s fine! If I was going to date, I’d date somebody in the industry. They understand the time and effort it takes to focus on oneself, so we could understand each other and where we’re coming from. But where I’m at with my career right now, I’m just trying to be focused on that.

But you could have a girlfriend on the low, right?

That’s hard to maintain. Like, if I’mma do it, I’d rather do it all out or not at all.

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