Wednesday, April 01, 2009


Looks like Dame is down but now out.

WWD Fashion reports:

Tiret, the over-the-top luxury diamond watch firm cofounded by Damon Dash and Daniel Lazar hasn’t compromised on its aesthetic due to the rough economy. So much so that the firm continues to push the limits on just how far it can go. At Baselworld, the watch trade fair that’s taking place this week in Switzerland, the brand debuted its first car. Marek Djordjevic, the designer of Rolls-Royce’s Phantom and Drophead models, has created a Range Rover coupe under LSE Design in the U.K. The modification of the five-door sport utility vehicle starts at approximately $279,000 and climbs to $716,000, depending on different options such as a diamond-encrusted dial set on the dashboard and a panoramic roof, and armoring. “Tiret is all about customization, uniqueness, luxury and exclusivity,” said Lazar, who mentioned he received two requests already. “This car is limited for very limited clientele, and we don’t expect to sell more than a handful a year.” As for the target demographic: “Someone with a unique and luxurious lifestyle,” added Lazar.

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