Thursday, April 02, 2009


J.Hud graces Entertainment magazine

The songstress tells the magazine they needn't feel responsible for her. "The other day this lady came up to me and got really close to me," she recalls, "and I thought, 'What is it that makes people want to ... embrace me?' I don't like it when people get all emotional. I don't want you to cry."

But she does want you to smile. "To see that love from fans," she says, is "one of the most beautiful things."

GV Says: Go girl....I def get that. Her job made the tragedy public, but it was still a personal loss. When I loss my father I went through the same thing.....people constantly voicing their condolences waaaayyyy after the fact. I appreciated it, but it was time for me to move on. I will never forget him but I also couldn't stay in the constant phase of mourning. At some point you move past the sad phase and really start to remember your loved ones in a more joyous way.

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