Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Scott Storch was apprehended by police in Miami on Friday and charged with grand theft auto. The producer posted an undisclosed amount for his bond soon after.

According to the public police report, Storch was leasing a 2004 Bentley GT in February 2006, with a return date of March 2008. The owners of the vehicle, Atlas Leasing Company, are alleging that Storch failed to comply with the terms of their leasing agreement.

Atlas Leasing also claims the producer's negligence has cost the company $65,000 in revenue that could have been accruing from other clients for the Bentley.

The producer's lawyer, Bradford M. Cohen, said in a statement, "We are disappointed in the decision to take a civil dispute and file it as a criminal charge," it reads. "There are many facts, that when revealed, will clearly demonstrate that there was no criminal wrong doing on behalf of my client."

Storch has had a slew of legal and financial troubles in the past year or so. In June 2008, he failed to show for a child-support hearing where he was accused of being behind in his payments. Storch was also way behind on paying his property taxes, owing the government $500,000 which resulted in having his $10 million Miami mansion foreclosed on.

GV Says: I guess fame and fortune are not always enough.

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according to his website, Bradford Cohen he also represented DMX