Thursday, May 07, 2009


Cassie, girl what the Sam Hill

First she shaves her head now nude photos show up on the net. LINK HERE

This time, there's no mystery. Cassie came clean on Twitter. (Get on Twitter y'all.)

"It seems that someone has hacked into my computer," she Tweeted about the photos. "That's real foul and evil. Now stop acting like you haven't seen a t---y before."

The singer later took to her blog to further comment on the photo leak — posting at 4:57 a.m. — reiterating the fact that she thought whoever released the private photos is "evil."

"The recent personal pictures that have been leaked on the internet of me were hacked and stolen out of my computer," she wrote. "These photos were obviously never intended for the world to see and it's sad that people would really take time to steal and post them, it's just evil. At the end of the day breasts are breasts, mine weren't the first you've seen and they won't be the last ... people need to grow up, let's move on. Thank you."

As expected other celebs tweeted about it too.

D. Woods didn't hold back - “cassie gonna sell some albums this rounds yall see this nude internet photo”

Neither did Jermaine Dupri - “What about cassis tittys”

GV Says: On the real, I bought fell out my seat when I opened my twitter account (Go HERE) and read JD's comment. That was my laugh for the day. Come on Diddy, get your girl. I thought y'all were "friends." She shouldn't have to eat like this.

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