Wednesday, May 06, 2009


While everyone was focusing on Aubrey and Danity Kane, who knew that a storm was brewing between Day 26 and Donnie Klang. Apparently it was news to Day 26 when Donnie admitted during the finale that he didn't get as much show time for the season because Day 26 was too busy cuttin' the fool. Who knew these dudes caught feelings behind this.....well they did and it's been a silent Twitter/ YouTube war going on.

So here's my skinny on what went down today:

The video has been removed but basically Donnie taped himself watching an interview by Day 26 where they trash him for his public revelation. It was pretty disrepectful people. And guess who got the grimest.....Big Mike. Yes......Who knew. Anywho, Donnie proceeded to respond on tape. In a nutshell he denied any sort of allegations that he was jealous of the group's success. With the Twitter boards lighting up, Will stepped up and apologized and even informed fans they spoke after dropping the Twitter line...."Call me." No surprise there....he's always seemed to be a stand up guy. Gotta love Will.

As of tonight, much of the war documented on Twitter has been deleted but there's still reminents (i.e. comments from fans) that makes it clear some drama went down. While Donnie is trying to move on after speaking with Will, he left the following comment: "I wouldn't say evythng is all better. I'm not just Guna forgive and forget These are dudes that stress how positive they are all the time??"

I like the whole MTB clan - Donnie, Day 26 and of course the late Danity Kane. Get it together peeps! If y'all aren't on Twitter, you're missing out.

UPDATE: Here's a video link SEE

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