Thursday, May 14, 2009


Looks like Yung Joc is experiencing the not so glamorous side of show business...

Shady business deals, missing budgets, and now rumors of company financial hardships – Yung Joc reached out to to share his side of the story. Block Entertainment’s number one artist has been noticeably absent from the roster for at least a year. There have been industry whispers going around that their was inner turmoil inside the record label, particularly between Joc and Block. A couple of weeks ago the newest rumor was that Joc was leaving Block Entertainment all together and had decided to make the full move over to Bad Boy records. But it looks like Harv and them over at Bad Boy records is playing games with easy going MC and now Joc’s taking everybody to court.

Joc broke down all his gripes regarding his relationship with the owner of Block Entertainment – Mr. Big Block. Joc alleges that due to contractual situations, unpaid royalties and unpaid advances the young business mogul and his legal team is currently in the process of taking legal action against his record label.

The multi-platinum rap star alleges that Block Ent/Bad Boy hasn’t offered any label support since 2007. Yung Joc went on to make shocking claims about the inner dealings of Block Ent.

According to Joc, he’s paid for his own public relations, claims to not be receiving his advance money for his projects, alleges that Block has used advances for other projects, and even makes shocking claims regarding his former management company 9196.

Joc quickly broke down his reason[s] for splitting with his former mgmt company, which happened to be owned by Big Block, but is fronted by CEO Rico Brooks. Yung Joc breaks down the situation by saying that it was nothing more then a 360 deal , that resulted in Block getting a piece of everything Joc. Wait, can’t a record label that also owns a mgmt company be considered a conflict of interest? Many people didn’t know, but Shakir Stewart and Ted Lucas took over mgmt of Joc’s career shortly after Joc ended his relationship with 9196. But since Shake’s suicide late last year, Yung Joc and two mgmt companies have taken over mgmt duties.

And what’s this I’m hearing about Big Block charging other record companies 25k to clear Joc for a record? I guess that explains why we haven’t seen Mr. Robinson in any video’s recently. Joc shared tells of Block’s ‘Suge Knight -esque” actions that’s prevented Joc from being cleared to do other music projects outside of Bad Boy and Block ENT.

But, though Jasiel Robinson is upset with his current business situation with Block, the popular artist wasn’t in the mood to throw grease. I have been hearing all kinds of rumors surrounding BlockENT and when I inquired about the street whispers, Joc made it clear that he was only interested in addressing his direct gripes with the company.

Joc is currently being legally represented by Londell Mcmillian and Nova Perry.

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