Friday, May 08, 2009


So nude pics of Rihanna have hit the net....D*mn, d*mn, d*mn!!!!!

Roughly six nude pics of Rihanna hit the net today. The legal department at Island Def Jam Music Group, RiRi's label, sent a letter to at least one website that published the photos. The letter refers to "unauthorized photos purported to be...Rihanna," demands that the photos be removed from the site, and calls the photos a violation of "the Artist's rights."

Technically, it's not clear whether Rihanna really is the woman in the buff because you can't see her face in the nude shots. She is clearly pictured in two fully clothed pics.

GV Says: I hate this for her. I guess one could argue why take these photos in the first place, and yes I could agree....but....geez it's in private. I just can't even take a high-and-might stance like I'm above this or like professional, degreed people who I rub elbows with on a daily basis have never done this. We've got to have some boundaries on the net. It's getting disgraceful.

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