Saturday, May 09, 2009


This week keeps getting more bizarre people....Nick Cannon has taken on rapper Eminem over who....his wifey Mariah....who else

Apparently, Nick caught feelings over Eminem's recent reference to Mariah in the track "Bagpipes From Baghdad":

"Oh, it's music to my ears," he said in the song's intro. "How can I describe the way I feel? F*cking great man. Okay, let me see. How can I begin, locked in Mariah's wine cellar/All I had for lunch was bread wine, more bread wine than Cap 'n Crunch/Red wine for breakfast and for brunch/And to soak it up in-between snack crackers to munch/Mariah what ever happened to us/Why did we ever have to break-up/Well all I asked her was for a glass of punch/You see I never really asked for much/I can imagine what's going through your mind after such a nasty break-up with that laughing hump/Nick Cannon, you better back the f*ck up/I'm not playing."

So....Nick took his blog and penned the following:

"Marshall Mathers, you need to holler at me on some grown man shit. Man to man, let’s meet up and deal with this like adults. This is my invitation to you, whenever and wherever you like sir. So when you come out of your introverted hiding place and ask your bodyguards if you can go out and play by yourself, I’m here Pimp!

Your blatant disrespect not just to Black women but ALL women in general must stop. You are a despicable excuse for a man. I can’t even see how you can call yourself a father! Imagine if someone said half the stuff you say about women to your daughter, Hayley. (And I’m pretty sure they will because you got it coming Marshall.) That’s how Karma works."

(Nick Cannon's Blog)

GV Says: I know I've been perplexed about Nick and Mariah's union in the past, however I'm not mad at him for this. Grow up Eminem. Whatever you had with Mariah didn't work out. Let it go. Was she the best thing that ever happened to you or what? The woman has married and moved on...why can't you? People are so disprespectful. And this has nothing to do Em as a rapper this is about him as a man. Have some integrity.

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