Sunday, May 24, 2009


Looks like Kanye is moving full force ahead with his new book "Thank You and You're Welcome." He teamed with marketer/philosopher J. Sakiya Sandifer to pen the book.

"He inspired the format of the book, because he wrote a book called 'Think, Think, Think and Think Again,' " West said about Sandifer. "[He did] bullet points in bold graphics, and he expounded upon them ... whereas books hide the main points chapters in. You have to read so much to get so much out of it. We wanted to make it simple for people who are non-readers, who don't feel like doing all that, and still get the point across."

One of Kanye's favorite philosophies in the book is "Get used to getting used."

"To use someone is necessary. What's negative is to misuse, overuse or abuse somebody," West said. "To use is necessary. If you can't get used, then you're useless."

"That really came from my entrepreneurial journey," Sandifer said. "I would complain when my phone wasn't ringing. 'No, I want to be used.' Being the resident philosopher, I put it in that context."

West and Sandifer call working together a "great collaboration." They've also collaborated on some of 'Ye's acceptance speeches and a line from "The Good Life"

" 'Having money's not everything; not having it is,' " Sandifer repeated of the line he came up with. "That's where the real problem is — when you don't have it."

GV Says: I'm actually looking forward to this.

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