Sunday, May 03, 2009


Nick recently brought his wife Mimi to tears Thursday night at in Las Vegas at the Palms Casino Resort

The two celebrated their one year anniversary there last week.

"It's a very special occasion," Cannon told the crowd at Moon Nightclub, where he was deejaying, "toast to everyone."

After a very private wedding a year ago, the couple decided to do the opposite for their anniversary, celebrating with a nightclub full of people. The couple did, however, dine in a private room at Simon beforehand.

Once inside the club, the couple were greeted with a four-foot birthday cake. Reportedly - unbeknownst to Mimi - Nick produced a video of the couple's last year, including video of intimate moments.

After the video was shown, Carey was seen crying.

"This is the most amazing person in the world," Cannon said into the microphone about his wife. "I dedicate my life to her daily, and together this union is gonna last forever. She is my rock."

Carey replied: "I have the best man in the whole wide world."

GV Says: As extra as that scene sounds, I think it was pretty sincere of these two. Good luck to them..

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