Wednesday, May 27, 2009


“I ain’t no monster”…..that’s the latest from Breezy.

Oh wait….there’s more

GV Says: I simply stay baffled by this young man. I’m just alarmed at the fact that he faces possible jail and he’s talking about a black eye that some blog site says he has. So what? Seriously, if I was facing possible jail - even if it was only one day in jail – I would in no way care about a blog saying I have a black eye.

Rihanna, girl move on if you haven’t already. He’s still a kid with pretty mixed up priorities. And if Bow Wow were smart he’d stay out of this foolishness.
We see you Bow Weezy.

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Kiss Kiss Brown said...

I can't wait for Chris's new album to come out. I'm sure that he'll really let loose with all this courtroom drama going on.